Closing on Sundays
Church family, this is Pastor Ruby, and I need you to really listen to me. This is a difficult call to make, but one that is needed. Because of the Coronavirus and Covid-19, we are canceling the formal gathering for our Sunday services until further notice. I love you and I want you to be safe. I want you to take care of yourselves. We will not have gatherings of any large numbers. We will follow, for now, the schedule of PISD.
Now the good news, you can still hear our worship services on Sunday mornings. Don, Suzanne, Bennita, and myself will be here on Sunday mornings, and we will have service. For those of you who do not have radio, you can still listen via internet. Go to, go to listen live, look for KOMX and then Pampafumc. We will use this format until further notice.

Even though we are not meeting, the ministries of the church still continue. Please call the office to see how best to continue making your contributions for the life of our church.

This is breaking my heart. But one more thing, I hope to speak to you on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with a time of devotion.

We will not have Communion on April 5 (Palm Sunday) if we have church services.
Workday this Saturday, March 28th has been canceled.

We have three ways to virtually join in Sunday morning services at 10:30 am:

1: Listen to the live radio broadcast on 100.3 FM

2: Listen to the live radio via the internet by going to and click on “KOMX FM 100.3 1st United Methodist Sunday Service”.

3: Watch on Facebook by going to First United Methodist Church of Pampa and watch live streaming video.