Not everyone has the opportunity to go on a Mission Trip to Panama or even somewhere in Texas.  However, everyone can be involved in Mission Pampa this summer!

Risk Taking Missions has put together some opportunities for you to serve right here in Pampa:

  1. School supplies for UMCOR School Kits and local schools.  We will have a tub outside of the church office for you to donate school supplies.  If you sew and would like to help make the bags for the UMCOR kits, contact Donna Brauchi.  We will schedule a day to get together to sew or you can make them at home and donate them.  We will work out a time for our children to put the kits together and then we will ship them to UMCOR.  We hope to provide some basic school supplies to leave in our local schools to be used as needed.  Supplies needed include:  blunt scissors, lined composition notebooks, packages of lined notebook paper, pencil sharpeners, 30 centimeter rulers, unsharpened pencils (no advertisements, religious, or patriotic symbols), 2 inch or larger erasers, 24 count boxes of crayons, pocket folders, ink pens, highlighter pens, glue sticks, and pencil crayons.


  1. Conduct Food Drive for Meals on Wheels on a Saturday at United Supermarket. We will notify the church as soon as a date is set.  Then we will need 2 or more people to take one to two hour shifts to be inside the entrance of United to accept canned goods for Meals on Wheels.  If you would like to help, please notify the church office or Donna Brauchi.


  1. Teacher Welcome/Support Baskets for the First Day of School. Beverly Alexander will be working with the Hospitality Committee to develop a plan to put together baskets and deliver them to each school for the first day.  If you would like to help, please contact the church office or Beverly Alexander.


  1. Help Build a Wheelchair Ramp for a Needy Person. Kevin Redding is taking the lead on this project. The plan is to build the ramp on the morning of Saturday, July 25.  If you can help, contact Donna Brauchi or Kevin Redding.


  1. Park Cleanup and Hot Dog Cookout. This one is still being planned.  Be watching for how you can help!
backyard missions

Thank you to each person and Sunday School class who contributed school supplies or money for our school supply project this year.  That is truly Mission Pampa at work!

UMCOR bags 1
umcor bags 6
umcor bags 4
umcor bags 3
umcor bags 2
umcor bags 7
umcor bags 8